February 1, 2016


Custom Exhaust System

There is a variety of custom exhausts available to you from all sorts of manufacturers & vendors. Every where you go….you see them over & over & over. Be different – Get creative.
Depending on your chassis, we can either build a more complicated set, on your bike directly, or make a much simpler system off your bike. We can incorporate heat shields on critical heat areas, along with some trick tips to put on that finishing touch.

Metal Fabrication

No matter what you want done to your motorcycle, we can do it. Our custom motorcycle fabrication service allows us to transform your motorcycle into whatever you want it to be. Custom motorcycle fabrication is all about making your dream motorcycle real. More often than not, our version of your dream is even better than what you thought it could be.

Fender and Tank Fabrication

Custom Fenders will give your ride a whole new look. Choose from our line of fenders or have your fenders custom fabricated for a specific project. Years of experience with sheet metal fabrication for so many styles and types of bikes is our assurance. Customize your tank, rear and front fenders by shaving, stretching, chopping and frenching. Let me shave your front fender to give it that smooth high end custom look or french your rear tail lights to give it that one of a kind element.